Powerful Cron Monitoring

Powerful cron jobs and automated tasks monitoring

Get instant alerts for failed or
long-running jobs

Dynamically define workflows from
task scripts

Identify problematic tasks via
monitor analytics

How it works



Setting up and integrating a monitor into your tasks is easy



We monitor your tasks from the second they make first contact with Cronbee

Alerts and analysis

Alerts and analysis

We'll alert you whenever a job fails or is in error and provide rich data analysis on all your workflows


Whatever your needs, we've got plans to scale with your requirements:


$0 /month

2 monitors

1 organization

10 retained events / monitor


$30 /month

40 monitors

1 organization

100 retained events / monitor

Small & Medium Business

$120 /month

500 monitors

1 organization

1000 retained events / monitor


$400 /month

Unlimited monitors

Unlimited organization

10000 retained events / monitor

What is a Cron?

Cron is a standard Unix utility that is used to schedule commands for automatic execution at specific intervals. By extension we call Cron or Cron jobs everything that run automated tasks at specific interval. The Cron is configured via a file called Crontab where you specify the list of commands to run and at which frequency you want to run them.

For instance, you might have a script that produces web statistics, or backups that you want to run once a day automatically at 3:00 AM.
As theses cron jobs are running automatically, you will not know when they fail! Cronbee is a cron monitoring tool that helps you to monitor theses tasks and ensure that they run as expected.

We try as much as possible to put information in our documentation. Look at how you can use Cronbee to implement your cron monitoring:


Integrating cronbee is as easy as a single line of code.


After creating a monitor you'll get a URL like this:


Use a shell script OR your favourite language to PING your monitor. THAT’S IT.

# Simple ping on a monitor

* * * * * curl -fsS --retry 3 https://api.cronbee.com/monitor/43d483a8-6487-4428-82ec-5199d23ba22a/ping && your_command

cronbee also supports advanced workflow monitoring. See our docs and tutorials for more!